Prepare Ahead

Dear single,
It takes less to be single than it takes to be in a purposeful relationship and eventually BE MARRIED.

It takes more responsibility and accountability to be hooked up with someone else who’s not you. Yet, it’s an interesting plane.

If you want to leave the level of singleness, learn all there is to learn while you’re still single, to effectively navigate and accelerate a CONSISTENT SUCCESS in not just your relationship stage but your marriage.

There’s a beauty God has reserved for you in marriage. Reach that marriage prepared so you will be positioned to unwrap all of that beauty. 😊😊

Don’t think it a waste of time when you need to wait a little more for that marriage to happen, it’s a season to be better prepared too. That he or she is telling you to WAIT FIRST is not a waste of time. God wants you to enjoy everything he has prepared for you, your spouse, your children and your generation. So wait a while if it’s not yet time, then consciously prepare ahead.

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