If only they knew

If only they knew, they would not have CRUCIFIED JESUS!
(1 Corinthian 2:8)

Crucifying Jesus was the catalyst to kickstart a long awaited prophecy. Some fulfillment of prophecies are catalyzed by certain radical dealings.

The new Era was facilitated by the the death of Jesus, and the rulers thought they did something bad to Him without knowing they just became a tool in God’s hand to facilitate a new Era.

When challenges roughen your life, it’s to toughen you for another phase WITHOUT NOTICE

The next phase demands a roughening for such capacity to be built!

Sometimes we cry and lament and wail over certain challenges and problems we’re faced without checking the mind of God to find out His plan. In that challenge is God’s plan working it’s way through.

If you’re willing to pass through rough times, you’re willing to pass through glory times. It’s always SEED TIME before there is HARVEST; the tree is possible if the seed is willing to go through the rough seasons and the growth processes. You’re not permitted a glory if you escape the “pressing & threshing” times.

Let me tell you: if you’re born of God and you’re living by the Spirit, nothing bad is bad! 

Every uncomely times and seasons you face are strategic to jump-start you into your destiny. When you endure the cross, you will enjoy the crown. It may be painful and discouraging, but when you look at the crown, the pains loses weight.

See uncle Joseph, while being shown the vision, he didn’t know that the paths to that success will be rough. Sometimes you just need to tell God to show you the paths so you don’t give up on the way. That’s why every vision demands that you take time out and build in you deep spiritual capacity as well as mental and others. The birth of a vision is the ushering of an unusual phase of your life.

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