Are you ready to succeed?

Some persons don’t succeed because they haven’t SEEN what they need to succeed in, and they don’t KNOW what they need to succeed in.

Find a vision and you’ll be dining with fireballs that will cause you to make movements in the direction your life needs to make deliveries.
Take out time to load your heart with the visions/dreams of your future….

And to every young person here, after reading this, move out like a MAD MAN or MAD LADY with such zeal and fire, to be and to release yourself, as an offering poured out to be that thing God called you to be on planet earth.

Please know this: “MAD” means “Making A Difference.” Be ready to Make A Difference!

What would you do if you were given a white sheet of paper to imprint your life’s deposits? Please take out time, think and give your answers plainly laid on paper.
If you can take out the time to carefully think through and write out your thoughts on paper, you’ll already be on your path to positioning yourself to release your life.

What would you probably write on paper about what you possess and will be delivering to your generation? The problem for a lot of young people is that they don’t know what they need to succeed in. They don’t even understand who they are and so that has affected their self concept and view of who they are. Until you find out who you really are, and what you’re supposed to be doing here on earth for the good of humanity according to the mind of God, you’ll simply flipflop through life and you’ll be living as an experiment specimen in time. Your potentials will be hidden until you begin to look inward and pay attention to yourself for some time.

Please listen to this carefully:
To accelerate your prayer results, you need to know what to pray about. A lot of results about your life will take a good turn when you know what to pray about. God wants you to have the best of your life and to maximize it in your generation.

I’m always very excited and at the same time forced to stop and ponder whenever I read about David in Acts 13:36 how he served God’s purpose in his own generation. Wow! That’s success! There’s something God wants you to do on planet earth that will reveal his glory to other people in a specific way and when you discover and align your life to living it, your life will make sense.

Let’s take a look at some aspects quickly…
I wrote the other time that ‘you have what it takes’ to maximize yourself and succeed. Yes! Absolutely, you have what it takes.

Oh oh, let’s pause a bit as I show you something to ponder on as we accelerate soon too. Just pause awhile to ponder on the next paragraph.

In the scriptures in 2 Peter 1:3 (amplified version) it reads “For His divine power has bestowed upon us ALL THINGS that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [full, personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue).”

Are you already thinking about that paragraph?
So the more you know your Creator, the more you gain access to understanding the deposits in your life, and the more you also know how to tap into the supply of God to maximize those deposits.
Life is simple; it is only man that makes it complicated.

There are 5 questions of life every man must answer:
1. Who am I?
2. Where am I?
3. Why am I here?
4. What can I do?
5. Where am I going?

If you can answer these 5 questions for your life, you’ll already be on track.
These 5 “Ws” are soul-searching questions. And you must answer them if you want to MAXIMIZE YOURSELF.

1. “Who am I?” is a question of IDENTITY.
You must know who you are. When you know it, your perception of self changes.
“Who am I?” is a very powerful question.

Someone who does not know himself will abuse his life. Yes! When you do not know who you are you’ll abuse your dignity. Your actions are powered by yourself knowledge. The way you operate right now tells me what you see about yourself. Who you are that you know about you is important to living your life influentially.

By the way, I have written a book on “Positioning for Influence”. I published it few months ago. If you’re yet to get it, please do – get it and read it. It will discard shells from you.
It’s on Amazon too. And you can after reading chat me up to book a copy for yourself.

2. To know who you are, you have to know “Where you come from.”
The second question “Where am I From” is a question of origin and it’s a powerful self-question to discover your origin.

Your Origin tells you who you are exactly and will help you on answering the next question for your life.
If you are born again, by the second birth, then you are now a citizen of the jurisdiction of heaven. Your Origin is now God’s Origin and you’re His child. You’re now seated with Jesus at God’s right hand far above all powers and authorities on earth.

When you know where you come from, your attitude changes and your life takes a shape that can’t be tampered with. Look at this; when a man knows that he is a citizen of the United Kingdom, he knows that the protection of citizens by the government of the United Kingdom covers him too. I want you to know where you are from and to be convinced that you are from there. There’s a common wealth for all citizens of a particular country. You partake of such privilege.

What’s your root? Where do you come from?

3. Then you ask yourself “Why am I here?”
This question is a question of “PURPOSE!”
Why exactly was a car made a car? That question is important for that car to maximize why it was created. Without knowing your “WHY” you’ll abuse your existence. People who live in life without any vision for life is because they do not know their “WHY” for life.

4. “What I do with my life?”
This is a question of “POTENTIAL”.
Ask yourself “What do I have in my life that I can give back to my generation?”

Anyone that cannot give back to his generation wasted his existence. So when someone goes to school ONLY to get a white collar job he’s simply positioning himself to waste his life.

5. Then lastly “Where am I going to?”
It’s a question of “DESTINATION”
When you know WHERE you life is heading, you’ll define a lot of things in your life.

Your “WHERE” will defines your:
– Circle of friends
– Kind of environment to live in
– Kind of activities to do
– Kind of value system to possess
– Kind of material possession to have
– The kind of spouse to marry

Your “WHERE” will take you out of your father’s house to the place God will show you. That’s what happened to Abraham. God told him to leave his father’s house because of the sensitivity of his destiny.

Your “WHERE” will lift you from the kind of spiritual father you’re submitting to to someone God wants you to submit to even if he’s in a locality far from where you’re currently are. When you know where your destiny is headed, you’ll be led to sacrifice a lot of things that seems like your “Isaac”.
Some things you love are simply not good enough to lead you to your destination.

I’d like to say a lot more things but I’ll just compress them and give us some summaries and then we draw the curtain.

To maximize yourself, EXPAND YOUR CAPACITY
This is how to expand your capacity:
– Explore more,
– Get enough training,
– Gather relevant experiences,
– Learn new things,
– Advance your technology knowledge

In maximizing yourself, learn to TAKE SWIFT ACTIONS
This s how o do that:
– Have the mindset of causing changes every time,
– defy laziness,
– be your best

Be a visions person. Learn to look. See and write down your visions, and make them plain on paper.

In maximizing yourself, you’ll not be able to achieve success on it until you MAXIMIZE YOUR USE OF TIME. Everyone and everything wants your time but you must be able to say NO to some and YES to some. Not every activity will help you have the productivity you should have. Your life is a product of how you maximize your use of time.

As I close soon, please get these few lines carefully.
Give yourself enough time to think deep and through; organize your life; give yourself to effective planning; accelerate your personal focus.

Develop the habit of consistency.
Be consistent with your actions toward productivity and being at your best.
Be consistently committed. Let nothing make you look back from your pursuit for fulfillment of purpose.

God placed you on earth to reveal HIM. There’s so much of God in you; will you love Him out?

Be ready to live your life AND MAXIMIZE YOURSELF fully, your generation awaits manifestation. Don’t live empty and die full; don’t live small and die small. Live full and die empty. Life is meant to be lived to the full and it is meant to be finished.

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