A bedrock of Successful Relationship

One of the bedrocks of a successful relationship is TRUST.

Relationships that grow strong in their love is built on the ground of trust. Trust makes you become open enough to tell him/her all about yourself relating to your past, your present and your plans of the future. Trust will make you or the other person take the risk to make themselves vulnerable enough to be x-rayed.

The power of trust is this: ‘The more open we are in our relationships, the easier we make our partner FIND the right spots to fit in and be the better helpers that they were built by God to be for us.’

Trust is a value given out. Trust is priceless. So when I trust you or when you trust that person in the relationship with you, you’re telling him/her that you’ve committed your whole life into his hand. So, TRUST is life given out. That’s why if a person trusts you enough to be open to you, you must, with all your life value it; you must guard that openness and risk of life, with all your life too.

So, trust from the person you’re in a relationship with is a responsibility placed on your shoulder because you must guard that trust with all your life.

People who take such weight of responsibility lightly are wicked, but I know we don’t have such people here.

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